How To Add Appointment Scheduling to WordPress

WordPress is a popular and powerful website management tool that is becoming more and more ubiquitous. Many small business owners are turning to WordPress because it’s user-friendly and free to use. Now, many of the most common features are included in the WordPress core, including adding comments or content. Unfortunately, one of the most commonly requested features is not yet available on the WordPress platform: adding appointment scheduling capabilities.

Thankfully there is an easy solution to fix this and it’s called Calendly.

What is Calendly

Calendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work. Calendly is used by big and small companies and is free to use for individuals who want just the basics. For businesses and users who want more than just the basic capabilities, they offer different kinds of packages you can check on their page.

Setting up Calendly

To get started with Calendly and its scheduling capabilities you first need to create an account for Calendly. Click here to create your Calendly account.

How to add scheduling to WordPress

Now that we have set up Calendly we can embed it to WordPress. WordPress supports Calendlys all three embed options that include:

  • Inline
  • Pop-up text
  • Pop-up widget
Calendly embed options

Adding appointment scheduling through a hyperlink to WordPress

If you don’t want to embed the scheduling form directly to your WordPress site, you can use a hyperlink that redirects users to your scheduling form instead. Here’s how to do that:

  1. While editing one of your pages, highlight any text and select the Insert/edit link button in the toolbar.
  2. Paste the URL to your personal scheduling page, an event type page, or a team page. For an image, select the image and follow the same steps.
  3. Publish or Update your page to make the changes live.

To embed appointment scheduling on a single page of your WordPress site

  1. Sign in to WordPress and visit the admin area.
  2. Go to Pages and decide which one of your pages you would like to edit and add the scheduling form to.
  3. Select the + to add a new block.
  4. Choose a Custom HTML from the Formatting drop-down list, and paste your Calendly embed code. 
  5. Preview Changes to ensure the embed cooperates with your website’s theme before selecting Update to save.

To apply appointment scheduling pop-up to a WordPress site

If you want to make appointment scheduling even easier for your WordPress sites visitors, you can apply the popup code directly to your theme and show a small hovering button at the bottom of your page. This is a very handy way to increase your appointments conversion rates and to make it easy for your potential customers to schedule an appointment with you or your business.

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate Appearance > Theme Editor.
  2. Locate the Theme Files sidebar to the right of the page and scroll to find the Theme Footer.
  3. Locate the </body> tag at the bottom of the footer. Just above the tag, paste the pop-up widget code from your Calendly account.


In conclusion, adding appointment scheduling to your WordPress is super easy thanks to Calendly and it’s a great way to improve user experience and increase conversion rates when you want to book more appointments.

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