How To Change Favicon In WordPress

If you are new to WordPress you are probably wondering what favicons are and more importantly how to add or change the favicon in WordPress. Thankfully adding or changing the favicon in WordPress is easy and here’s how to do it.

What are favicons?

Favicon comes from the words “Favorite icon” and it’s a small icon webmasters can add to their websites which then different browsers can show in their tabs. This helps users navigate between their browser tabs more easily and helps you to brand your site.

How to add or change the favicon

To add or change your favicon follow these steps:

  • Step #1 – Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Step #2 – Select “Appearance > Customize” from the sidebar
  • Step #3 – Select “Site identity
  • Step #4 – Click “Select site icon”
  • Step #5- Upload your favicon (preferred size for a favicon is 512×512 px)
  • Step #6 – Click “Publish

… and you are done. You have successfully added or changed your favicon in WordPress.

Note – Don’t forget to clear your cache if your site is using one or you might not be able to see the changes.

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