How To Find WordPress Page ID And Post ID

In some cases, you might want to showcase a page or a certain post in a very specific part of your website, but for this, you need the page or post ID to ensure it’s the right page or post. How do you find the page id or post id when it is nowhere to be found in the WordPress admin area? No worries in this article we will show you an easy way to find the page or post ID you need so you don’t have to start digging into the WordPress database, just to find it.

What are WordPress page and post IDs?

Every single page and post is saved in the WordPress database. For this reason, WordPress also has to know which page and which post is saved and where. To find these pages and posts WordPress uses IDs for these in a form of a numbers. For example, a page could have an ID number 1234 or 4321. It all depends on when and where the page or post is saved and is handled automatically by WordPress’s own logic so you don’t have to keep track of all the numbers.

How to find page and post IDs in WordPress admin

The most simple way to find a page or post ID in WordPress is to head on to the WordPress admin area and to each of their own area.

For pages head on to “Pages” and hover your mouse over the “Edit” button of the page you wish to see the ID for. Depending on your browser you should see the link at the bottom left corner of your browser (Chrome) and in that link, you can see a number that is the ID of your page.

Before the ID you should see “post.php?post=” or in full “post.php?post=1234” where the number “1234” is your page or post ID.

How to find page ID in WordPress

Or if you click the “Edit” button and head to the page editor you can find the same number in your browser’s URL bar which again is the page ID you might be looking for.

Page ID in browser URL

To find a post ID you can do the exact same trick. Head on to “Posts“, hover your mouse over the “Edit” button or click it and find the ID from the URL bar.

How to find a category and tag IDs in WordPress

If you wish to locate a category or a tag ID you can use the same method. Head on to “Posts > Categories“. Click the category you wish to find the ID and in the URL bar you can find a piece of string “=category&tag_ID=1” where the number is marking the ID of that specific category.

Category ID in WordPress URL

How to find page and post ID with a plugin

If you wish to showcase the post and page ID in your admin area you can use a plugin called Show Pages IDs which is a free plugin developed by YYDevelopment.


Finding the page, post, category or even tag ID is easy once you know where to look and requires no extra coding or even plugins to be able to be found. WordPress plugin library has a few free plugins focusing on this specific problem and they work great helping you to speed up your work process when you might need to find several different IDs though are not required otherwise.

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