How To Create A WordPress Website
About Lesson

Creating an “About us” page in WordPress is a great way to provide information about your business or organization to your visitors. Here are the steps to create an “About us” page:

  1. Create a new page: From your WordPress dashboard, go to “Pages” -> “Add New”. This will take you to the Add New Page editor.

  2. Add content to the page: In the Add New Page editor, add the content you want to appear on your “About us” page. This can include information about your business or organization, your history, your mission, your team members, and anything else you think your visitors would be interested in.

  3. Customize the page: You can customize the page further by adding images, videos, or other media, and by using formatting options to make the page more visually appealing.

  4. Preview and publish the page: After you have added your content and customized the page, preview the page to see how it looks on your website. If you are satisfied with the page, click on the “Publish” button to make the page live on your website.

  5. Link to the page: Once your “About us” page is live, add a link to it in your website’s menu or in other prominent locations on your website so that visitors can easily find it.

In summary, creating an “About us” page in WordPress involves creating a new page, adding content and customizing the page, previewing and publishing the page, and linking to the page from other areas of your website. An “About us” page is a great way to introduce yourself or your organization to visitors and can help to build trust and credibility with your audience.