How To Optimize WordPress Images With ShortPixel

WordPress is a great CMS but even it can’t help with your site’s speed when your images are too large. To optimize your images in WordPress you’re going to need a plugin called ShortPixel, but how do you optimize your images with ShortPixel and how does it work? Well, that’s what we are going to answer in this how-to guide.

What is ShortPixel

ShortPixel is an image optimizing tool that helps you improve website performance by resizing, compressing and serving your images from a CDN. Optimized images are smaller, though visually similar to the original images and the difference is usually so small you can’t even detect it by eye.

How to optimize images with ShortPixel

Here’s how to optimize your images with ShortPixel in six small steps.

  1. Go to Plugins > Add new and search “ShortPixel
  2. “Download” and “Activate” the plugin

3. Create your ShortPixel account

After creating your ShortPixel account grab your API key and head on to “Settings > ShortPixel” where you can add the API key to the plugin itself.

  1. Go to “Media > Bulk ShortPixel”
  2. Press “Start Optimizing”
  1. …and your done. ShortPixel will do all the rest for you and optimize your images.

Extra tips

If you want to speed up your site, even more, we highly recommend turning your images from jpg and png to webp which is the most optimized and latest image format for the web. Though this might use 1 extra credit it is still worth it when it comes to speeding up your site.

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