10 Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Internet is a huge thing. Not just by the amount of information it has but the amount of sites and users. This makes it sometimes hard to get your voice to be heard and even harder for you to be seen. But there is a way to gain more traffic to your site and here are 10 proven ways to increase your website traffic, that you can put into action instantly.

1. Perform keyword research

Not all keywords are born equal. Some keywords might be searched hundreds or thousands of times a month while others are searched only a few times a month. This creates a huge disparity between the amount of traffic you can gain from these keywords even if you would manage to rank for the selected keyword. This means that you should always check the number of searches each keyword has per month on average to decide if the keyword is worth your time and if it’s worth generating content for that keyword.

WriterZen keywordtool

To find out what keywords actually rank and what kind of content you should produce for them we highly recommend you to check out WriterZen that can easily and quickly show you numbers on how much each keyword is searched for monthly and even help you create better content that can rank faster and higher.

2. Create amazing content

The most reliable method of increasing your traffic is to create amazing content. If people love to read, watch or listen to your content you can be sure that they will tell about it and come back within even greater numbers. Though creating great content that is also search engine optimized is not easy, it should always stay as your main focus. Low-quality content will only turn your potential readers, followers, and listeners away.

To drive organic traffic, content needs to be more than just shareable, clickable, and readable. WriterZen helps you produce content that’s highly relevant to what people are searching for, leaving you only to focus on deciding what to write about.

3. Get your content shared

Getting your content shared is not an easy task, but the more people share the more people will be able to find it through other methods than search engines, which again is a great way to gain more traffic. This also means you will be less dependant on companies like Google or Microsoft and their search engines to bring you the traffic.

Missinglettr Curated

A great way to gain more shares is to use SaaS like Missinglettr, which can automate your social media posts, but also offer a Curated posts library where you can share your own high-quality content to be shared by other like-minded people and publishers. This makes it easier for them and you to find high-quality content to be shared.

4. Write guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to get your voice heard by writing an article for a more established website. This means your post will get noticed by new users who have might not ever even heard of you before and allows you to link from that site to yours giving users quick and easy access to also visit your site.

If you think you have what it takes to write a guest post, feel free to contact us and pitch a guest post for us as well.

5. Stay active on social media

Staying active on social media is more and more important. Social media has grown to be a living beast that helps people consume huge amounts of content daily. On top of this, their algorithm changes have made that not all your followers will even see the posts you make so staying active and sharing content that interests people has become a full-time job for some people and website owners. An easier path for this is to automate your social media with tools like Missinglettr that can help you drip feed your content over a period of time and can even help you find other people’s content that you might think that your followers might be interested in.

6. Create an email list

You might have thought email marketing is dead thanks to social media and online advertising, but as it stands today it still is one of the best performing ways to reach your visitors. If you want to gain more traffic and keep that traffic flowing into your site you’re going to need an email list. To do this we recommend trying out AWeber of GetResponse that can help you create, grow and maintain your email lists while also offering tons of other tools that help you reach your email list.

7. Create a useful tool for your industry

A great way to gain more traffic to your site is to create an industry tool that people can use for free or against X amount of money. For example, Neil Patel who is known for his SEO company has created the Ubersuggest keyword tool which perfectly fits their niche and allows them to gain even more highly targeted users thanks to their helpful tool.

Ubersuggest example

8. Advertise

If you want instant highly targeted traffic to your site, you need to advertise it. The most known advertising channels are Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing), and Facebook Business but there are also other ways to do this. You can even advertise on sites like Reddit or find a forum where you can add your banner for a small fee. Don’t be afraid to contact interesting pages that you know have enough traffic that is focused on your niche and ask them directly how much it would cost to advertise there. Many sites can often offer great rates and deals.

9. Make sure your site is search engine optimized

SEO is here to stay and the faster you get on board the faster you can grab that traffic from the search engines. To get started with search engine optimization you should do a site audit for your page and get familiar with the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization is not an easy task and takes time and work, but it’s worth it in the long run.

First and foremost don’t forget to signup to your Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure your site has been indexed by them and to see what pages, posts, and keywords you are ranking for in their search engines.

10. Ensure your site is fast

Today’s users and visitors can’t stand for slow sites. The slower your site is the more traffic you lose to your competitors who might have a faster site. Site speed is affected by everything from your host to HTTP calls to image sizes and even by the CMS, you might be using to build your site.

Check out our “Ultimate Guide To WordPress Speed Optimization” to find out how you can speed up your site and gain more traffic.

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