How To Add Gallery To WordPress

Many of us have a huge amount of amazing images we might want to showcase to our readers, followers, blog readers, or family members on our WordPress sites, but how can you show these in an easy way without adding tons of images to your WordPress site side by side? Well, one way to do this is through a gallery. In this post, we will teach you a few ways how you can add a gallery to your WordPress site.

If you want to add a photo gallery to your site the most basic way, you can use Gutenberg’s default “Gallery” block.

It looks good, works great, and is a default way to create a gallery for your images if you don’t want to add any custom plugins or code to your site. The downside is that you don’t have many ways to change its looks or customize the gallery, meaning what you win in simplicity, you lose in customizability.

To use the gallery block simply write “/gallery” to add it on a new row or select it from the blocks.

Here’s what Gutenberg’s “Gallery” block looks like in action.

For more advanced features you can use the Advanced Gallery, which you can get with Kadence Blocks. It has more features and more ways to change the gallery feel and how it looks. Want to have a different amount of columns? Check. Want to have one big image that changes in a slider? Check. Want to add links to your images? Check.

As said, there are tons of options in Kadence’s Advanced Gallery to really make it look what you want. To get started with Advanced Gallery, you first need to download the “Kadence Blocks”

For even more features we recommend getting the Kadence Blocks Pro from here.

Here’s an example of what Advanced Gallery looks like:

If your using Elementor or have been thinking of using Elementor, you can use Elementor’s “Image gallery widget”. It’s a great way to add a gallery anywhere on your page and is super easy to customize on Elementor.

Check out below how to add and customize your Elementor Image Gallery widget.


Adding a gallery to your site is a great way to showcase different images and you have tons of different options to choose from when you decide to create a gallery for your page. Might it be a Gutenberg block, Elementor, or a gallery plugin, they all work great. Some galleries even allow you to build different layouts within the gallery itself, making it so that you got almost limitless ways to customize your gallery to your liking.

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