How To Speed Up WordPress With Nitropack

If you’re looking for a way how to speed up your WordPress site then you have come to the right place. Not many know that there are quite a few ways to speed up their WordPress site. One of these includes a service called Nitropack that we even featured in our “Ultimate Guide To WordPress Speed Optimization“. In this guide, we will teach you how to set up Nitropack and get those ludicrous speed benefits it can offer for your WordPress site or eCommerce store.

What is Nitropack

Before we go further, let’s talk a bit about what Nitropack is and how it can help you out. If Nitropack is already familiar to you, feel free to skip ahead and jump right into creating your Nitropack account.

Nitropack in short is an all-in-one speed optimization tool that helps you speed up your site automatically.

Nitropack optimizations

Just a few of the optimizations Nitropack does to your site include the following:

  • Advanced caching
  • Built-in CDN
  • Complete image optimization stack
  • HTML, CSS and JS minification and compression;
  • A proprietary, world-class speed optimization algorithm

Nitropack integrations

Nitropack has been tested with tons of different hosting companies and technologies. Few technologies and services Nitropack works seamlessly with include, Cloudflare, WPEngine, Siteground, and Elementor so you don’t have to worry it breaking anything on your site.

  • CloudFlare
  •  Varnish
  •  Sucuri
  •  WPEngine
  •  SiteGround
  •  Kinsta
  •  Cloudways
  •  GoDaddy
  •  Elementor
  •  and more…

Why should I use Nitropack?

A big question for those who are not familiar with Nitropack is: “Why should I use Nitropack?” well the answer is simple… because a faster site means happier readers, clients, and customers. The faster your site is the happier the people using it will be as well as the search engine optimization benefits it brings in by making your web vitals healthier.

Creating Nitropack account

To get started with Nitropack we are going to need to create an account. So first things first, click here to get started.

Here you can add your information to create a Nitropack account. This is required so we can connect the service to your site.

Nitropack registeration

Nitropack + WordPress

After creating the account we can get started integrating the WordPress site and Nitropack. This can be done easily by downloading the official Nitropack plugin for WordPress.

After installing and activating the Nitropack plugin you will be requested to connect your Nitropack + WordPress together. This is done simply by clicking the button and logging in to your Nitropack account.

Simply click the “Connect to Nitropack” and you can connect your site to Nitropack. All integrations at this point are handled automatically.

Nitropack Settings

Nitropack will automatically create a cached version of your page and use the “ludicrous” mode which is the fastest version they can turn your page into. This can easily turn a site that takes 2-5s to load into a site that loads under 1s!

The Nitropacks settings panel can be found in your WordPress admin. Here you can quickly edit the basic settings or purge your cache when required. You can also see how many page views and how much CDN bandwidth you got left to use.

If you wish to use the Nitropack dashboard, you can also do that. Below you can find a quick tutorial on using the Nitropack dashboard.

Nitropack + Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare, Nitropack will automatically detect this and request you to add your Cloudflare email + Global API key to their service, to ensure these two services work perfectly together. This needs to be done through the Nitropack account page on their website, so you can’t do this through the WordPress client.


Getting started with Nitropack is quick and easy and thanks to the optimizations it can help even the slowest sites to get better scores regarding speed and the core web vitals, increasing visitor retention and even helping your search engine optimize your page regarding its speed.

Is Nitropack a silver bullet to every problem you might have regarding speed? Absolutely not, but it will certainly help you to speed up your WordPress website.

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