How To Change Permalink in WordPress

Thanks to the Gutenberg editor, editing WordPress is easier than ever, but it also brings a few problems like how to change the permalink in WordPress. In this guide, we will show you how to change the permalink in WordPress if you are using the Gutenberg or Elementor page builders.

How to change the permalink in WordPress

To change or edit the permalink of your pages or posts in WordPress you first need to head on to the editor of the page or post you wish to edit. Then select the “Post” or “Page” from the top right corner and scroll down to the “Permalink” area.

Here you can edit the permalink to what you want, though WordPress will usually set it the same as your title.

Edit page or post permalink

Note – If you are not seeing the “URL Slug” field, try saving the post or page as a draft first by pressing the “Save draft“. This should fix the problem and give you access to the URL Slug editor.

How to change the permalinks in Elementor

If you are using Elementor as your page editor you need to click the “Edit” button to access the Gutenberg editor instead of clicking “Edit with Elementor“. To see the permalink editor in the sidebar select the page or post from the top right corner and scroll down again to see the “Permalink” option to edit your page or posts permalink. After this, simply click the “Update” to update your permalink for the page or post you’re editing.

How to edit permalink structure in WordPress

If you are looking for a way to edit or change the permalink structure in WordPress you need to head to “Settings > Permalinks“. Here you can choose your permalink structure as needed. Don’t forget to read our guide on Ultimate Guide To WordPress SEO For Beginners, where we talk more about permalinks.

Permalink settings

Note – If your site has been around for a while, be careful when editing the permalink structure. This can cause 404 errors or other unexpected effects on your site’s links.

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